Don-Herring-Law-OKC-LawyerThe law firm of Don Herring is committed to the protection of our client’s legal rights and will work to achieve the goals of our clients within the full legal spectrum of the law. We understand that facing a criminal charge, whether misdemeanor or felony, divorce, loss of job, personal injury or any other legal matter is a stressful ordeal. A strong defense is the best way to protect you against these legal issues.

Our firm handles civil cases and criminal cases including misdemeanor and felony cases either in state or federal court. We represent clients accused of minor crimes such as DUI or simple marijuana possession as well as those charged with serious felonies including white collar crimes, and even murder. Whether you are facing a year in jail or possibly a lifetime, we will provide the vigorous defense representation you need to obtain a successful outcome to your case.

Besides handing criminal cases other areas of practice include Employment law, Estate Planning, Family law, Oil and Gas law and Personal Injury. We are a dedicated firm to our clients. If you cannot come to us we will come and meet with you. Our firm represents clients throughout the state of Oklahoma. Contact us to discuss your case at 405-843-8686 or fill out the contact information on our website at donherringlaw.com and we will contact you.