Family Law


When legal issues arise, protecting your loved ones during complicated family law disputes can be a challenging task to face alone. The assistance of an experienced Oklahoma divorce lawyer can be invaluable when you are seeking to find resolutions to your family law issues and move forward with your life.

At the Law Offices of Don Herring Law we have years of litigation experience to help you with your family law issues. We have the ability to offer sophisticated and caring assistance to families throughout the state of Oklahoma.

Our knowledgeable and compassionate approach to family law allows us to help find solutions to family law matters involving:

  • Divorce: The Don Herring Law Firm provides comprehensive divorce representation and is designed to address the issues related to the dissolution of a marriage, including the division of marital property or debt, child-related matters and even the unique challenges of a military divorce.
  • Child custody and visitation: One of the most contested issues related to a divorce is the question of child custody and visitation. Our law firm works diligently to help you ensure that the needs of your children are met, and that you receive the chance to participate in their upbringing.
  • Paternity: Determining the paternity of a child can be a vital step in addressing child custody or support issues. We offer the assistance you need when facing paternity questions and will work to help your family find the answers you need to move on with your lives.
  • Child support: While child support amounts are largely based on the gross income of both parents, various issues need to be addressed in the determination process, including who will pay for health care, education costs and additional expenses.

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